Terms and Conditions


Once an estimate is “accepted”, a coordinator will be in touch to explain the next steps. Photos of your move or an on-site visit (based on the size of your move) are required to finalize the estimate.

Bookings are not secure until a non-refundable deposit has been paid. Once the deposit has been received, a confirmation email will be sent and your booking is complete.


In the event that the client needs to cancel a booking, the client will lose their deposit. All deposits are non-refundable.

If the client needs to reschedule a job, we require a minimum of 14 days notice, and the alternate date is subject to availability. If the job cannot be rescheduled, the client will lose their deposit. An alternate date must be booked within 5 days after the cancellation.


It is the client’s responsibility to decide on the level of coverage for the job (Basic Protection or Replacement Value Protection). Any damage claims must be submitted with service provider or vender who complete your moving requirements (Note: We are just packer movers directory website we don’t accept and claims or damage).


It is the client’s responsibility to disclose important information regarding the job. This includes a full and accurate list of items to be moved, accurate information regarding flights of stairs, elevator details, access to locations (eg. waiting for keys, etc) that affect the length of the move and/or our staff’s safety. If there is undisclosed information, Cargo Cabbie reserves the right to send additional crew members if needed, or spread the job over several days. There is a 3-hour minimum charge for each additional staff member.


The client is responsible for booking elevators and/or loading bays that the move requires. Failure to do so may add time to the job.


It is the client’s responsibility to inform Cargo Cabbie prior to the move if any disassembly or assembly of any item(s) is required. Failure to do so may add time to the job. This work is not warranted.


Hazardous materials (including propane tanks), people, pets, specialty items, including but not limited to: safes, pool tables, pianos etc (we recommend piano movers as they have specialized equipment and training to maintain the quality of the soundboard)


The client is responsible for any parasitic insects (bed bugs, cockroaches etc) encountered within the premises of the origin, destination and/or additional locations. The client will be responsible for reimbursing Cargo Cabbie for costs incurred due to cleaning, sanitizing and delousing vehicles and/or replacing affected equipment.

Cargo Cabbie Inc. reserves the right to cancel a move if the conditions of any of the locations are unhygienic and/or the crew encounters any parasitic insects.


Any and all disagreements, claims or disputes arising out of and/or in relation to this Agreement/Estimate shall be resolved amicably between the parties and should this fail the parties agree to enter into binding mediation and the parties agree to split the costs thereof.

By clicking “ACCEPT” to the Estimate/Agreement, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions therein and declares that the Customer has read and understood the terms of the Estimate/Agreement and waives any Independent legal advice in connection to the terms of the Estimate/Agreement.

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